Indoor Cat Playland

You know those cool hamster cages you can build with the colorful tubes that zigzag everywhere? Home builder Peter Cohen has taken this concept to the next level with his imaginative cat playland. He’s rescued 15 cats and built his house around them with cat tunnels, bridges, platforms, and more!

Baby Pygmy Hippo Is Adorable

The Zoological Society of London Whipsnade Zoo is happy to report that they have a brand new baby! A super cute male pygmy hippo calf was born last week and the Internet has fallen in love. This adorable video featuring the baby hippo has gone viral with over 600,000 hits!

Horse Passes A Lot Of Gas

It might be inappropriate to talk about passing gas out in public, but this is the Internet. We can talk about whatever immature topic we like. This video by Lin Files was published in 2012, but has only gone viral now with over one million new hits! The clip features a very relieved horse who farts and farts some […]

Puppy Adorably Attempts To Reclaim Bed From Cat

This cute puppy only wants what’s his, but the house cat doesn’t really seem to care. The 10 week old French Bulldog Pixel tries and tries to pull his doggy bed away from the cat, but his actions are sadly, and adorably, in vain. Now, the Internet has fallen in love with this cute viral […]

kangaroo punches drone

Quadcopter drones are becoming more and more common these days. Many people are unhappy with this modern technology as they fear their privacy could be violated. But who would have thought that kangaroos also didn’t like drones? A drone equipped with a camera was being flown in Hunter Valley, Australia to capture some up close and personal […]

Dogs VS Leaf Blower In Slow Motion

Dogs are naturally curious creatures. They love to sniff and smell everything they can, especially in the wind as their powerful noses can analyze so much more stinky data. BuzzFeed wanted to see what happens when you blow air into a dog’s face with a leaf blower. To make matters even cooler, they captured the results with a […]

Never Say Goodbye

This Story About A Stray Dog Will Break Your Heart. This is a heart touching story of a loyal dog left by his owners on the streets to survive because of one mistake. Your dog will never forget you. Please don’t give them up. Share this video to help our loyal friends.  

Overturned Tortoise Is Saved By Friend

A tortoise’s shell is a powerful form of defense, but it has one serious downfall. If a tortoise is ever flipped on its back side it’s nearly impossible to get right side up again. This video was posted online last month, but has only gone viral now. The clip showcases the giant tortoise exhibit at […]

Bulldog Chasing Remote Control Car

Dogs famously love to chase cars. But English Bulldog Thunder likes to chase a certain type of car. His owner’s remote control car. As this is the the Internet age, the owner attached a GoPro camera to the remote control car and captured awesome footage of Thunder chasing the car.

Dogs’ Catch Fail Compilation

For most dogs, playing fetch is second nature. But not all dogs are blessed with the ability to always catch a stick, ball, or Frisbee whenever their master tosses one at them. And when they fail, it’s simply adorable. Tastefully Offensive did all the work for viewers and put together this hilarious compilation of dogs failing at […]